Home Selling February 3, 2023

Thinking of Making a Move in The Queen City?

Thinking of making a move in the Queen City in 2023? If you’ve been keeping up with the real estate market lately, you’ve probably seen the newest “Hottest Areas of 2023” lists circulating. Maybe you even noticed at the top of the list is the Queen City itself! Charlotte and the surrounding areas have seen tremendous growth the past few years, and we’re not expected to slow down yet. What does this mean for those of us who live here already? It’s still a great time to sell!

Inventory is low and we’ve got a lot of buyers out looking for their new home. You’ll be able to cash in on your homes equity & appreciation to move on to your dream home, or make a move to a better fit for your current needs. While selling your most valuable asset, it is my job to make this process as stress free as possible. This will mean walking you through each and every step of the selling process.

Below is what to expect from your agent when selling your house:

  1. Finding the Right Agent
    • Done, since you’ve already found me! But if you’re in another market, ask friends for referrals, and don’t be afraid to interview more than one agent. You want someone confident, competent and someone that you get along well with. You’ll need to trust them fully. Once you select your agent you’ll complete listing paperwork, make sure to ask questions as you’re signing.
  2. Listing prep
    • When we meet we will come up with a game plan on what work, if any, needs to be done prior to you hitting the market. This will include a conversation on how this work will effect your sale, maybe less days on market, or a higher asking price. We will walk room by room and come up with a list of priorities. This work can range from decluttering, taking down personal items, touching up paint, or swapping a light fixture. The list is different for every house and can be customized to fit your needs. Keep in mind, some homes need almost nothing but it’s better to know that early than scramble to get everything done last minute.
  3. Showings
    • Once you are on the market showings will start to line up, we ask that you are out of the home for the entire showing. Leave the house neat and tidy and if possible, with the lights on. The first few days you may have several showings lined up back to back, so expect to be out of the house most of those days.
  4. Offers
    • I will send each and every offer to you for review and guide you to make sure that the offer you choose is the best for what you need. It will be important to not only look at the price but also check for any contingencies, seller paid closing costs and to confirm the dates in the contract work for your schedule. Once we find the best option for you we’ll have you sign to put your house officially under contract!
  5. Inspections and Repairs
    • Inspections can feel stressful and there will be a few days delay from when the inspection happens to when you hear back about any requested repairs. Again, I am here to help you. We will review the repair request item by item and can counter back with things that may not be necessary. I can also help line up additional tradesmen for estimates or repairs. Do not start any work until you and the buyer have signed off on the repair agreement.
  6. Closing
    • Closing comes quicker than you think! Make sure to start packing early, set aside anything that will remain with the home (keys, garage door openers, warranty information, pool information, etc), and clean as you go. Closing day you will need to have everything out of the house and it to be ready for the buyers prior to closing. We will meet at the closing attorneys office to sign paperwork at a scheduled time. In SC the keys are exchanged at closing as long as all of the buyers funds have been received. In NC the keys will be held until the deed is on record (usually a few hours later.)
  7. Post Closing
    • I don’t just disappear after closing, if you need ANYTHING at all just call me. I want to be your resource for all things home, need a cleaner or painter or landscaper? I’ve got several to recommend!

Often I hear agents say that real estate is really complex and complicated, but the truth is, it’s not when you have the knowledge and training of a professional. Yes, there will be bumps in the road, concerns, questions, and issues. Make sure you’ve got an agent who can handle it all!

Thinking of moving this year? Let’s meet for a coffee and talk about your next steps.

-Jackie Mistretta