Home Tips March 3, 2023

Get a Jump Start on Spring Cleaning!

Gearing up for spring cleaning? Get a jump start and begin with organizing some of your spaces.  A big part of moving is realizing just how much STUFF you have (at least it is for my family!) so I thought it might be helpful to show some ways to make the most of your space. We downsized our home to get to the perfect location, with that we’ve had to come up with a ton of new/creative organizational tactics since we’re down a lot of storage. Below I’ll break down some favorite tips/tricks for a few frequently used spaces, and I would love to hear any tips you have for organizing your small spaces.

We’ve just started organizing all of these spaces ourselves so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll also update on any products that didn’t work out, or any others that I added in! Follow along on social media.

Pro tip: **Before your start make sure to MEASURE your space** I realize this may not actually be a “pro” tip but as someone who failed to measure in the past, it’s important!


The Kitchen:

The kitchen is one of the main places where good organization can make a huge difference. Below are just a few areas to keep things neat and tidy!

Let’s start with the junk drawer (we all have that catch-all place!) Using drawer bins can help keep everything in its own place.

Keep your cooking utensils in place with expandable drawer dividers.

Snack, sandwich, and gallon bag all have a space in your kitchen, keep them in order with this drawer organizer just for them!

Keep your counters clear by putting your paper towel holder under, or even inside, a cabinet with this holder.


The Pantry:

Staying in the kitchen we’ll take a minute to focus on the pantry. Having this space organized helps not waste any food!

Keep foods fresh longer with these containers.

Spices come in all shapes and sizes, putting them in matching containers allows you to easily organize them on a shelf like this one.

Keep cans in order using this can holder.

Pick up the broom and mop from the ground using these broom holders.

The Bathroom:

Of course keeping the bathroom organized is  so important, especially when you’re getting ready so you can easily find everything you need.

Drawers need organizer trays!

Under the sink use these pull out bins, this two-tier lazy susan, or this under sink organizer.

Keep commonly used items in jars like these for quick access.

Don’t have enough shelves in the shower? These shelves are amazing and hold SO much stuff.

The Laundry:

The laundry room can feel disorganized simply from the amount of things that go in this space.

Use that small space between the washer and dryer with this rolling rack.

Keep detergent from spilling with this drip catcher.

Getting a shelf to hold your ironing board AND iron is a huge help.

Use a large jar to collect items from pockets and another for singles socks.

The Game Closet:

Closets can get out of hand very quickly, especially if small hands are taking things out themselves.

Too many board games? Use these bags to save space.

Use bins to keep like items together.

Keep arts and crafts items together with bins with lids.

Use baskets to keep larger like items together.


As shown above, small spaces can still store a lot of stuff, or force you to donate or toss anything you no longer need. What areas should we organize next? I’d love to hear your ideas.

-Jackie M